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Just needed to say that I bought a 150 motorbike from Rick at mxmotorsports and I have nothing but praise for him.

I was looking online as I live in Jamaica and was very much put off by all these negative comments, sending $1500 to a company in a different company in the hope you will get your item is a scary prospect.

Rick was great!

There was a small teething problem with the original documents but Rick went out of his way to sort it out as soon as possible- due to the bike being unable to ship without the correct papers. He came in to the shop extra early and made sure it was rectified in a very timely manner.

I could hear how stressed he was dealing with rude angry customers that decided to start their original problems with anger and disrespect- you get what you give.

I understand that not all transactions are seamless and its the way the problem is dealt with that is what counts, I approached Rick with respect and good manners and he dealt with me the same way.

I have had my amazing bike for over a year now and I am due to get another one -and, yes it will be from Rick AT mXMotorSports.

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Andersonville, Georgia, United States #709013

the only good posts about mxmotorsports are the ones they make themselves. this is probably a family member of an employee.

to mxmotorsports ***ks *** Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica #709274

I am so not a family member, I was really dubious about buying from anywhere in the U.S as all the bike sites inc. the one above were all awful and if I had listened to all these moaning bleaters I would never have my amazing bike.

The hardest thing in the world to get hold of and only 4 rubbish bike shops supply it. SO BIG THANX TO MXMOTORSPORTS for coming through despite the bad press.

To get a balanced opinion it is important to show that they do it right sometimes, I put big money and big trust and asked them politely to please do me right and they did!! Think positive and treat people with respect and lot of better sh*t comes your way more often , I don't why more people dont try it.

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